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Cute women collection 2022. Cute women collection 2023.

The ponies collection 2022. The ponies collection 2023.

The coloring book collection 2022. The coloring book collection 2023.


nitter.nl link about the defense minister resigning.

threadreaderapp link about why Mick Ryan thinks tanks are useful.

nitter.nl link about the Ukrainians finding a radio.

(Joules and calories were serious business.)


nitter.nl link about sending in the tanks.

nitter.nl link about the Netherlands sending Patriots to Ukraine.

threadreaderapp link about soldiers mutiny


nitter.nl link about Sanna Marin's statements.

nitter.nl link about the Leopard 2 thing according to Ulrike Franke.

nitter.nl link about strategic and cultural approaches to war by Mick Ryan.

threadreader link about Noel Reports saying things about German tanks.


(Germans who are smiling are not that frightening?)

nitter.nl where Minna Alander explains why Germany is doing the things it's doing.

nitter.nl where Denmark gives Ukraine all of its Caesar gun systems.

(Finland has never and will never research lutefisk-based weapons. [shifty eyes])

A BOOM that was not really associated with any images, but probably worth following.


nitter.nl link for context for the Pantsir on the roof.

Uber For Instant Artillery.


nitter.nl link about the FH70 engine.

yahoo link about how tanks didn't happen.

nitter.nl link about transferring F-16s.


youtube link to Perun video about how lies, politics, and corruption destroy armies.

nitter.nl link to updates on the Ramstein meeting by Phillips P. O'brien.

nitter.nl link about how Germany wouldn't object.


(Tanks do not actually work that way.)

bus-hit.me link about the Leopard tanks.


nitter.nl link about Ulrike Franke saying that Leopards should be a thing.


threadreader link about frustration with Scholz.

A non-related article about Bakhmut.

nitter.nl link about the oops with German arms industry.

nitter link about Finland joining Sweden.

nitter link about new artillery systems.


nitter link about a Russian who wants to destroy Berlin.

jethroe, noted Russian shill, tried to say that Russia was winning. Again.


nitter link about the Swiss ammunition thing.

nitter link to the original thread.


threadreader link about Poland's Twardy tanks.

threadreader link about Mick Ryan understanding Russian strategy.

nitter link about Russia paying a Danish activist to burn the Koran in Sweden.

threadreader link about corrupt Russian captain who stole the propellers from his own destroyer.


threadreader link about Thomas Theiner explaining combined arms.

threadreader link about a BMP running into mines.

threadreader link about mobilized Russians having a bad time.


(A threadshitter showed up early, saying, "We are being dragged into the war in Ukraine!" He was roundly dogepiled.)

threadreader link about PANTSIR vs. HIMARS.

threadreader link about tactical muffs. While this is probably useful and interesting, "muff" ... sounds like a euphemism for female genitalia. We are serious people. This is serious thread.

Daily Fail link about how many things are still available in Moscow despite sanctions.

nitter link about Philips P.O'Brien's thoughts on tanks and strategy.


nitter link about the Russian artillery and how long it'll last.

nitter link about sanctions and predicted recession.

yahoo article about the Never Here mural in Kherson.

threadreader link about the problems Russia's smaller neighbors face.


Someone got really annoyed with Russian shill Fissile. Red 1 is the color traditionally reserved for Russian propaganda spreaders.

Cute women collection 2022. Cute women collection 2023.

The ponies collection 2022. The ponies collection 2023.

The coloring book collection 2022. The coloring book collection 2023.

This should not be taken as the authoritative archive of Ukraine memes, just a thing I did for my own amusement in my spare time.