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Curious exchange between official Russian mil. reporter Sladkov and volunteer Murz. The former put out a text pointing at issues with communication and low morale of the mobilised.

Murz, who in the "LPR" is responsible for communication, fires back at Sladkov with a proper rage post blaming the Russians for not doing anything for 8 years to prepare, while Ukrainians did everything right, and it resulted in bloodshed. Murz:

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Citizen Sladkov, your communication is shit. And not because there are no radio stations, but because for seven years YOU have not been dealing with digital radio communications. Did not train personnel, did not develop standard solutions. And the personnel problem is now much more acute than the issue of the absence of the stations. There are no trained people. Because nobody fucking needed it.

And here the KCPN [volunteer organization] brought a battalion set of digital radio communications with a repeater and base stations to the signalmen, and two days later the set was programmed and working.

Who is to blame for this? Who is responsible for this blood? Who all this time, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine were preparing for a real war, trained personnel, switched to digital communications, who was telling the People's Militants of the LPR and DPR that they would not have to fight, that they were furniture, and that, if necessary, the Russian army would come and will do everything. Who, when completing the "business trip to the Donbass", not only went to Russia on his own, but also pulled a purchased foreign car on a trailer? Well, it so happened that I saw what it looked like. They take out to the Russian Federation a Russian who commanded in the Donbass, and behind him they pull a car on a trailer. Purchased, as you might guess, for the "saved" diesel fuel. And then they bring the new ones, drunk to smithereens, to the point of unconsciousness, even before crossing the border.

These seven years of stagnation, which turned into terrible bloodshed, have names, surnames, and military ranks.

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Or no? Did it just "happen"?

It just so happened that by the beginning of the SMO, a few of our units in the Donbass had closed digital communications, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine had total closed communications, with repeaters placed along the entire contact line.

It somehow turned out that for eight years, the Azart system, devoid of a relay base, was supplied to the Russian forces, on which it is impossible to build a fully-fledged communication system, because the walkie-talkies that are required for installation as repeaters have to be taken from the people on the front line.

Your communication is shit, Citizen Sladkov. Because you are shit. You put your tongue in the ass once and liked the taste, and everyone was silent for seven years. And then stories went on about how fucking awesome steel helmets and Mosin rifles are.