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Mick Ryan calls Ukrainians 'masters of 21st century war'
views on nuclear power differ across countries even if the science is the same everywhere. Paris sees nuclear power as clean energy, Berlin would rather burn coal.
an older car with a painting of LBWScat holding a Ukraine flag
Jewish Space Laser activation panels
McButt with his blue eyes featured
overnight news of a devestating Ukrainian HIMARS strick against a Russian ammunition train
Russian ammunition dump reportedly hit tonight in Kadiivka, HIMARS with Goofy on it saying 'I'll fucking do it again'
Kerch bridge with 'SOON' on it
pony loading rocket pods into HIMARS
playing cards Jack of Hearts (reprobate) Queen of Hearts (Queen of Booms) and Joker (jethroe)

jethroe is still pronouncing nonsense.

bingo card with a bunch of pro-Russia talking points
fellas in NATO tracksuits attacking a Russian
Ukraine-chan pony in a BTR-4
Ukraine-chan pony next to a Neptune missile launcher
distracted pony looks at Sexy Ponies instead of Discussion and Events about Ukraine


how heavy are Russian casualties in Ukrain, and how do we know? It depends greatly on the assumptions one makes
Sanctions force Russia to use computer chips from refrigerators, dishwashers in military equipment, Gina Raimundo tells Senate
we still don't have Ukraine in 160 days. That's as many as 16 tens. And that's terrible. Noah could have gone on FOUR cruises. Phileas Fogg could've gone around the world TWICE. I could've clawed Putin into a million pieces by now.
coloring book page about how Russian tanks evolve
Bart: The last three years are the worst years of my life. Homer: The worst years SO FAR.
Ironically for a military built on accepting imperferction, Russia's needs near perfect conditions to work.
distracted boyfriend Thread looks at Garlic Sausage instead of Ukraine, China, War
Xi Jinping: What he says: Just pointing out that China will buy our oil, supply our chips, bankroll the ruble, and support us wholeheartedly. What he means: If you don't stop touching me, I swear I will take you out back and beat you with a brick, then annex Siberia.
distracted boyfriend Biden looks at Taiwan instead of Ukraine


Ukrainians are upping their total of liberated villages in Kherson on a daily basis now. Though not saying where specifically. Ukraining troops had already liberated 53 villages in the Russian-ooccupied Kherson Oblast as of Aug. 2
Putin in car, saying 'Get in loser, we're going losing'
a Russian warehouse owned by Ozon is on fire

Here's the twitter link to the video of this.

Canadian maple syrup is serious business

Canadian maple syrup is serious business.

coloring book page with Tracianne as Queen of Booms and jethroe as a joker
Imperial Shuttle shot down over Hull.  This is actually a wind turbine that is on fire that kind of looks like the Imperial shuttles from Return of the Jedi

This is actually a wind turbine that is on fire.


small statue of Putin sitting on a tank, a young girl is aiming a water pistol at it
Simba: What's that dark shadowy place? Mufasa: That's the Russian server, you must never go there, Simba.
each day 5-year-old Eva from Pustomyty, Lviv, helps her mother and grandmother sell cake and pastry to donate to Ukraine's Armed Forces
T-shirt with an image of a Ukraine soldier telling the Moskva to go fuck itself
Bad Guy from Legend says: Ah, it's Vladimir... Well, I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is, you're spending eternity in Hell. The bad news is, my grandma was Ukrainian!
Ents attack Isengard. Caption: Amnesty International be like 'Ents are attacking civilian settlements'


Amnesty International has many people looking at a molehill 'Ukrainian defence of civilians' while ignoring mountains 'child rape, murder', 'Irpin, Bucha, Mariupol', and 'Olevnika'
Russian warship Vasily Bykov destroyed by ZSU near Sevastopol this morning. 20 sailors missing. Harpoon missile probably was used.
coloring book page about FOINF

FOINF was a thing a while back.

Russia will invade Poland next. At least Poland won't have to worry about Germany this time. Right?
Watching how Amnesty International went from 'foreign agent pseudo-NGO funded by CIA' to 'renowned organization specialized in the investigation of Kiev regime crimes' over a few hours in the Russian-speaking internet is woah.
Four big explosions shook our hotel in Odesa just now. Reportedly planned mine detonations to help clear port area for grain supplies. Must have been bloody big mines.
coloring book page about the duplicitous nature of Amnesty International
The four useless orgs of the apocalypse: UN, Red Cross, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch
distracted boyfriend 'I have the blues, I needs some' looks at J.L. Hooker instead of Amnesty International


Ukraine is drowning, Amnesty International appears, but instead of helping, AI gives Ukraine a high five
distracted boyfriend Finland looks at NATO ratifications instead of ILO 169 ratification
78% of Germans in favor of keeping nuclear plants running 1 more year, 67% for another 5 years, 42% for building new nuclear plants
Alderaan government have put civilians in harm's way by giving shelter to the Rebel Alliance Fleet on populated planet
resolute Ukraine pony


coloring book page about rubbish
Bill Mauldin cartoon showing soldiers who have liberated a cow and chicken.  They say, 'By the way, we spotted some Kraut gun positions too.'

(Apparently, soldiers in war zones go after cows.)

125 years later, and Russia is still miserable, and after 7 decades of Red Tsars, a White Tsar returns, to complete the rule of the centuries of old. Poverty is everywhere, serfs are everywhere, and a tiny aristocratic class, much smaller in numbers than that of Imperial times, and less educated too. Nothing but scoundrels, thieves, philistines, and descendants of the riffraff enslaving their fellow riffraff.
when one treats people with benevolence, justice, and righteousness, and reposes confidence in them, the army will be united in mind and all will be happy to serve their leaders. --Sun Tzu
Russian oil and gas revenues collapsed in July
for the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine, a bulk carrier arrived in Ukraine for loading. The arrival of the Fulmar S means that the 'grain corridor' started to work both directions for import and export.
My inner 12-year-old will be giggling forever, now that I know the Norwegian phrase for speed bump is 'farts-humper'


coloring book page about Leo
sanctions are working, whatever Putin says. The Spectator says that the Russian economy is not OK.
Darth Putin: Day 166 of my 3 day war. Have reinforced Kherson, so Ukraine blew up bridges that supply them, creating a self-governing POW camp. I remain a master strategist.
Russian sailors board a ship, which is saying, 'Get in, losers, we're going losing!'
Russia thanks Amnesty International, CBS News, the UN, and the Red Cross for their service
Amnesty International: Russia is a terrorist state, but $20 is $20.
a decorative planter or ornament in the shape of an M270 vehicle


Is it HIMARS o'clock? Yes, Yes but in yellow
distracted boyfriend Fark looks at Saki instead of Chornobaivka
Spoke to artillery/weapons specialist @noclador about Ukraine's long-range strikes on occupied Crimea. His verdict: '90% it's ATACMS, 10% it's cruise missiles.'
welcome candy convention room 1! Also candy-shaped rat poison convention room 11
coloring book page about North Korea
Godzilla attacks Crimea beach, caption 'Beachlife!! Crimea 2022'
Saint Javelin: Baby are you a Russian ammo depot? Because I want to blow my load all over you tonight.


According to Steve Wilhite, the former CompuServe employee who invented the GIF in 1987, it's pronounced with a soft G, like jif. Hard to argue with the parent.
Ukraine colored pony


the VKS has a bad habit of leaving piles of munitions next to parked aircraft, including ones that are fueled and armed.
why did your flagship sink? Russian incompetence or Ukrainian badassery?
the hacked/leaked mailbox of Russia's military prosecution shows systemic absence of morale in the army, coverup of casualties and unlawful deployment of conscripts by Russia. Tens of almost identical submissions from officers, 'I have repeatedly violated army rules, I am tardy and don't follow orders. I have confessed to my commander but he hasn't fired me. Prosecute his failure to act.'
Crimea beach with explosions, jazzed up with some Fellas shopped in
tabby cat sitting in ammo container
I'm working hard to spin a story of why we're leaving Crimea as a gesture of good will while leaving out the part of Ukraine kicking our asses like a soccer ball
Darth Putin: explosions in Crimea were caused by 'cigarettes dropped in dangerous places' and a picture of a HIMARS firing a cigarette
distracted boyfriend Twitter looks at HIMARS instead of Bayraktar


Ukrainian estimate of 9 aircraft destroyed was pessimistic, there are probably nearer to 20 incredibly expensive and sophisticated Russian aircraft destroyed
Ukraine flag fence was vandalized with Z markings, then someone turned the Zs into Zelensky

(If someone puts Z on your fence, add 'elensky'?)

war is not a straightforward affair, it has many twists and turns
a list of destroyed aircraft sung to the tune of 'Twelve Days of Christmas'


coloring book page about Russian recruiting
cloth patch depicting fellas
posters in Moscow are aggressively recruiting soldiers

(Attempting to recruit soldiers in Moscow is not something Russia usually does; they may be getting desperate.)

Amateur Hour part 2: Failing the Air Campaign. What we are seeing is the logical outcome of the way the Russian military fights.
U.S. is seeing Ukrainian gains over Russia near the country's second-largest city of Kharkiv that have put the Russian military 'on their heels'
corn maze that says 'We stand with Ukraine'
Russian occupiers have begun taking their families out of Mariupol
Blyatman and Ropnik, 2 Slavic knockoffs of Batman and Robin
A Ukraine colored Article 5 pony caricature
the Queen of Spades, captioned 'Tracianne the Boom Queen'


Russian Army recruits, who look much older and more unhealthy than you would expect

(These are Russian Army recruits?)

coloring book page about the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant
the rats are leaving the ship in the Kherson region
coloring book page about Putin's new plastic model tanks
Russian Foreign Ministry advises the USA to force Zelensky to return to the negotiation process.  Washington, in order to avoid a humiliating defeat, should force Zelensky to return to the negotiaing table with Russia, this would be the best solution for the USA. Washington prefers not to hear Moscow's arguments.
All my Ukrainian friends have started to sign their emails with 'see you at the beach in Crimea'

(Translation: "See you at the beach in Crimea")

The Zuzana 2 is a fuly automatic 155mm L52 self-propelled howitzer. Only drawback is the small production rate per year.
raw data of German polls showing Greens at 32% and CDU at 25%
America pony gives weapons to Ukraine pony and apologizes for being late
Putin: Russia is invincible! Fella: In Ukraine, vincin ur dudes


Russian leadership is abandoning the personnel on the right bank of the Dnieper
Mr. Dmytrovich stole a Russian truck full of ammo
The Russians cannot jam or shoot down GMLRS rockets
The 4 main enemies of Russia: Ukraine, USA, NATO, smoking
coloring book page where BRIAN BLESSED says that Zelenskyy is still alive
Russia training combat clergy

Translation: Rostov-on-Don will start preparing battle priests for the Russian Army. Training will be carried out by the Donskaya spiritual seminary. They will study magic, combat training, basics of geopolitics, military medicine, psychology and military law. (Google translate had a derp attack and translated "battle priests" as "battle fats", I have no idea why.)

graffiti showing Zelenskyy with machine guns
Wagner Group posted this picture from their base in Ukraine. Shortly after, the base was destroyed by a Ukraine strike. Circled in red is a sign showing the address of the base.


Charlie Dubow made art and clothes, and sold enough of them to raise $25,000 for Ukraine
putting recent Russian advances in the Donbas in perspective: after two weeks of fighting, the Russians took the cowshed.

(Translation: What are you, what are you, there Twitter experts are already burying us, because after two weeks of fighting, the Russians took the cowshed.)

Kazakhstan will transport its oil through Azerbaijan bypassing Russia
Splinter with young Turtles as Javelin. Splinter with teenage Turtles, they are Krab, HIMARS, AGM-88 HARM, and ATACMS.
Ukrainian wants a visa ban on Russians
sign left by Ukrainian soldiers telling the next people there how to take care of the mouse Veronika

Translation: Mouse in the dugout-1 pc. Name - Veronika Lives here Tuta Tst crackers, cookies If Sita is full, she won't rustle at night and won't run after you Take care of each other and live in harmony

Russian military recruiting is now active in St. Petersburg, which they have historically been reluctant to do
the presumed HIMARS strike on July 8-9 on the 20th Motorized Rifle Division's HQ killed at least 5 and probably 7 officers
How do you know it's not a Russian jet?  It's flying!
cartoon pony playing tennis
Ukrainian soldier with a hamster, captioned 'freelance scout'

(Go for the eyes, Boo!)

This should not be taken as the authoritative archive of Ukraine memes, just a thing I did for my own amusement in my spare time.