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The archive of Bob Able coloring book pages that was uploaded to filebin.net on 2023-05-22.


6 people dressed as Beaker, with text Pack of Beakers, Goth Beaker, the Beaker snitching and pointing out the photographer, the terminator strut before the ass whooping and you know he's moving at speed because of the blur, 3 in the morning
Ukraine soldier standing next to a missile that hit a house, caption 'This is everyday life in Ukraine... and we are getting used to it.
Donald Trump Jr.: Since it was Ukraine's missile that hit our NATO ally Poland, can we at least stop spending billions to arm them now?
Ukrainian losses: many washing machines and refrigerators, many stereos, lots of TVs, some ovens and microwaves, one raccoon.

(Russian soldiers keep stealing washing machines. They also stole one raccoon several days ago.)

Belarus complains that Ukraine has committed hostile actions by making it more difficult for Belarus to invade Ukraine.
Bayeux Tapestry with some crazy things including battle crayfish, vatniks making shit up, satanic combat mosquitos, demobilized wankerites, and mad cows with laser eyes
pony firing a ridiculous number of rockets
Ukrainian soldiers complaining that while on leave/R and R, Ukrainian women only want to sleep with Ukrainian artillerymen.

(Pretty sure this is a joke, but the Ukrainians have shown they can use the M777, HIMARS, Caesar, Zuzana, M270, Krab, and Panzerhaubitze 2000 really effectively.)

first week of invasion: Checking to see if Zelenskyy is still alive. 30th week of invasion: Checking to see if Putin is dead.


Defense acronym of the day; the threat environment is C.R.I.N.G.E.: China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Global Extremists
Crocheted hat that looks like a Beholder
distracted boyfriend Fark looks at New Job instead of Lipstick Both Ends Of Cat
seagulls from Little Nemo saying 'Mine!' with cat heads shopped on them
Canadians are so nice because once a year, Canadians perform a ritual that sucks out all their meanness and cruelty and places it into Canada geese
pony with helmet that says 'Born to Muffin'


7th Zuzana 2 Howitzer was delivered to Ukrainian armed forces and is ready to protect innocent lives.
cat in box, captioned Priority delivery your happy birthday cat
The Ukraine Post wants to make a new depicting a raccoon with a box of cherries

Translation: I love starting Friday with a positive. After the stamp with Kherson, we are asked to issue the stamp with Melitopol and the "same" raccoon. However, there are not enough stamps for all the events, so maybe we coordinate? Happy Friday everyone, always wait for good news!

cute woman in cake box captioned 'Happy birthday to you!'
cute woman in red outfit with 'Happy Birthday' written on her midriff
cute women in dirndls with beer, captioned 'Happy Birthday'
Faked Russia Today where presenters are discussing the fact that Russia is losing the information war to cartoon dogs.
cat head, cat tail, and more cat heads shopped into a HIMARS, captioned 'HIMEOWS says Happy Birthday Tracianne'

(Tracianne the Boom Queen's birthday was this day.)

WHO in Kherson delivered 6 generators, which will ensure the operation of hospitals in emergency conditions, as well as surgical kits and vital medical drugs.
The Abbey Road album cover, except with all the Beatles' heads replaced with fellas, and the Beatles are carrying Bonk Sticks.


coloring book page about ice cream
NAFO naming a drone 'Raccoon's Revenge'
distracted boyfriend Fark looks at advice for andrewagill instead of fun facts about the earth flipping over
Madonna and Child except the Child is a fella
cute woman in field of poppies
cute woman in field of poppies
cat sitting on electronics, captioned 'Ministry of Defense UA'
coloring book page about Tracianne's birthday
coloring book page about raccoons
coloring book page about the perineum
pony riding on a bomb


Darth Putin: Announcing official launch of book all my loyal serfs have been waiting for! 'How to Tankie: The anti-imperialist's guide'
mail warning of Prigozhin preparing brigades for domestic terror in Russia. Popular discontent is growing and no one is ready.
coloring book page about a girl with a prosthetic leg
tweet where a guy explains what is wrong with the Russian artillery corps. tl;dr: everything.
Russia will invariably betray any negotiated settlement and the war will begin again.
coloring book page about Elon Musk and Twitter, where he's Sheldon Cooper but greedy.
sailor and cute woman in a bikini
pony riding on a rocket


Bus rider says 'You want to work for Jews, bandits, yeah yeah work! You bitches, whores, you all are brainless animals! You all are corrupted Ukraine!

A twitter link to someone who was kicked off a bus in Lviv for saying crazy things.

aerial photograph of what is supposed to be the Russian air force, which all look decidedly not airworthy
CAPTCHA saying, 'Select all squares with bishops who dissented from the Christological findings of the First Council of Nicaea.'

The Council of Nicaea was supposed to decide a bunch of Christian doctrine in 325 CE. A lot of attendees didn't agree with the council's decisions. It was kind of a big deal.

distracted boyfriend Fark looks at raccoons (good with hands) instead of octopuses (too squishy)
a cat sits on someone's shoulders as they celebrate Dignity and Freedom Day
coloring book page about Colonel Kadyrov, head of Chechnya
coloring book page about how America is divided (North, South, but Mexico and chunks of Central are missing
ponies asking whether it's a good time to have watermelon
stealing washing machine vs. stealing a raccoon


NAFO naval drone 'Dildo of Consequences' sinks Russian warship, says Ukraine Defense Ministry
SBU says it's checking reports on the use of Moscow Patriarchate's church premises for hiding sabotage groups, foreign citizens, storing weapons

A tweet about the Russian Orthodux Church doing things they probably are barred from doing.

The Russian mobilized in the Donbas are poorly equipped and in order to warm themselves, they burn fires, thus revealing their positions to the artillery of the Defense Forces
distracted boyfriend Fark looks at Excess instead of Essex
a fight broke out at a mobilization camp in the Kemerovo region. I would advise to hand out knifes. (smile) Morale is high. Igor.
Borat: Because special military operation in Ukraine has been... Great success!
coloring book page about correcting a previous coloring book page
a pony with a bonking stick


a bakery in Kyiv has made chocolate anti-tank devices as well as croissants and regular cookies
a Ukrainian soldier with an orange cat
distracted bofriend Fark looks at a soldier with a dog instead of a soldier with a cat
distracted boyfriend Fark looks at tank going boom instead of a soldier with a cute pet
Germany spending 6 billion euro instead of 3 to build LNG terminals
raccoon being offered a pistol, caption 'It's dangerous to go alone. Take this!'
Rossiya 1's regional news slot in Kostroma has aired a report on the raccoon stolen from Kherson zoo, which they say is becoming a 'symbol of our paratroopers and their victories'
Germany offered to move Patriot air defense systems to Poland after missiles killed two Polish citizens. Poland asked Germany to move them to Ukraine.
raccoon attacking a guy, captioned 'What we have here is a failure to communicate'
World War I pony lamenting the war


coloring book page about Star Wars
Stanley Tweedle from Lexx says, 'How do you do, fellow superpowers?' while holding a raccoon
Saruman says there is no hope of resisting Russia, Gandalf accuses Saruman of abandoning reason for madness
distracted boyfriend looks at more raccoons instead of raccoons
coloring book page about spatchcocking chickens
Red Bull is still doing business in Russia
A Finn has 3 NATO beers and a plan to drink them

Finally! My plan:
1. I drink beer today because I already want to taste
2. I will drink beer when Hungary has ratified Finland's NATO membership
3. I drink 3rd beer after Turkey's ratification

The beer expires on September 30, 2023. Until then, it would be good to have this process already in the package!

Bayeaux Tapestry with HIMARS bonkething the vatniks
Pony with raccoons, saying that raccoons are nocturnal so they will kill you in your sleep


winter is coming, and private conscriptovich will freeze in his trench
Darth Putin: if you ever think your job is completely pointless, remember someone works as 'Russian Human Rights Commissioner'.  You'll feel better.
Thomas C. Theiner: I said that winter would kill more Russian soldiers than Ukraine ever could. Today it was 43 F during the day on the Donbas front and we got the first videos of entire Russian squads dying of hypothermia. Winter is Ukraine's ally.
rare footage of a Canadian being born: Guy with hockey stick climbs out of hole in ice and skates away

(The sub-thread was about cold temperatures.)

raccoon surrounded by beer bottles
NATO: gymnast doing handstand. NAFO: dog doing handstand. Russia: frozen vatnik upside down.


Finland helps Ukraine by providing generators
Yesterday a shell hit the nearby trench. I found its fragment and there were English letters.

Hopefully, those English letters spelled out 'Fark.com UFIA'

cute woman with watermelon
cute woman in field of sunflowers
distracted boyfriend Thread looks at amphibious landings instead of frozen orcs

(The sub-thread concerned helicopters like the Sea King.)

Happy dog captioned 'Ukraine is winning! Have an awesome day!'
pony playing with train set


war is difficult, and people forget that
distracted boyfriend Fark looks at farking statistics, seriously? instead of old sidebar conversation
distracted boyfriend Fark looks at boobies and great tits instead of farking statistics
HIMARS with nose and door art of a dinosaur grinning
Woman pointing: We're winning the Information War! Cat: You're losing that war to cartoon dogs
Rainbow Dash flying with a Viper from Battlestar Galactica



Cocaine Bear: The true story of a bear that ate 70 pounds of cocaine. Turned into a movie, with Elizabeth Banks set to direct, unless Paddington 3 sees Paddington's marmalade addiction take a dark turn, it's going to take a hell of a lot to beat this as the strangest bear movie next year.
distracted boyfriend grogsmash2 looks at grogsmash2 insted of grogsmash2
GrogSmash2: Change My Mind
Doge: Such Grog much smash also 2 wow
ccat boat: I should make a GrogSmash2 meme.
Bayeux Tapestry figures demanding Tumblr, Reddit, and Myspace accounts, last figure hereby demands he be given a Fark account

(People made memes out of other people's usernames.)

sign saying 'Life is short, lick the bowl' in the bathroom.  Mom: Leave the darn sign in the kitchen where it belongs!
Putin's head in a forest at night, captioned 'A Thousand Points of Blyat'
Ukraine woman with NATO and EU medallions in war-torn landscape puts her foot on Putin's head.
Fella with AK and coffee says, 'What now, bitches?'


tweet about the Gepard anti-aircraft vehicle
Germany sending Leopard tanks to Slovakia, who will probably send them to Ukraine.
fella riding dog spears vatnik with a trident
distracted boyfriend Fark looks at grades of toilet paper instead of the strategic value of Bakhmut
the compensation for dead soldiers in Russia has varied from a Lada car, 5-6 kg of fish, and a whole ram, depending on where they are from.
fella riding a combine over a field of vatniks, tankies, and copers

coloring book page where Wagner sings about freezing to death
pony in a tank waving a sword

Cute women 2022. Cute women 2023. Cute women 2024.

Ponies 2022. Ponies 2023. Ponies 2024.

Coloring 2022. Coloring 2023. Coloring 2024.

The archive of Bob Able coloring book pages that was uploaded to filebin.net on 2023-05-22.

This should not be taken as the authoritative archive of Ukraine memes, just a thing I did for my own amusement in my spare time.