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Russian life cycle: Go on a mission to kill Nazis, die as a Nazi, become fertilizer for grain, experience rebirth as Ukrainian beer.
draft officers raiding factory floors. Tech workers fleeing the country. Women called in to do manual labor at remote industrial sites. On how Putin's mobilization decree is battering Russia's economy.
Bayraktar with several cigarettes shopped in instead of bombs, captioned 'NAFO develops Smoke-Raktar delivery drone, delivers drone to ATACMS brand cigarette company
tweet saying that Germany gave Ukraine a new aid package. It included 7 Gepard, 100,000 first aid kits, 3 BIBER armored bridge-laying vehicles, 8 surface drones...
Warhammer 40K Santa says, 'You're on the heresy list? You're getting Exterminatus this year.'
tweet saying that Bakhmut holds, battles are fought for every square meter of land, for every building, for every landing.
1980s album cover art with a fella on a missile, 'Lords of the BONK' in the background
ponies in a foxhole talking about the decor


Putin is the ship Putinic, Ukraine is an iceberg, change my mind
Russians put together an import-substitute HIMARS that only vaguely looks like the real thing

(Russians made a thing that looks vaguely like a HIMARS.)

Russian tanks eventually made it to the ancient heart of Kyiv in a weird sense. (Badly damaged tanks taken as trophies.)
broken turret, Ukraine craigslist be like 'T-90 tank, minor Javelin damage, no low ballers I know what I have'
coloring book page showing Putin as St. Stephen getting stoned
Don't forget to hang your missile toads. (A toy toad and a toy missile hang from a ribbon.)
ponies riding a tank
kitten thinking, 'I miss Bad Cosmonaut.'




vatniks fleeing in a Z tank, one is saying, 'Reassure me... this is another smart chess move by Putin?'
Zhivov believes the attack gives Russia a legitimate reason for a nuclear strike.  Sure, Jan. Another Russian wonders when the retards and seniles in big uniforms stop making decisions in the conditions of modern warfare.
NAFO is a death cult and a threat to global security. Michael Weiss: Despite our best efforts, no, alas. Too much paperwork, for one thing.
Jeffery Lewis: Russia says long-range missiles are destabilizing, but Russia has used so many Iskander missiles against Ukraine that they're running out of them.
clock made out of a HIMARS rocket pod cover
broken Russian truck with Mater from 'Cars' shopped into it
many fellas on snowmobiles with 'Vatnik Hunt' caption


TV Rain had a hearing with the Latvian regulator, but their representatives turned up without an interpreter and just expected everyone to speak Russian. The hearing had to be canceled.
Putin sitting in car, reflected in rear view mirror. Darth Putin: This picture is fake. I have no reflection. Not_Bot_Bird: Don't worry, boss, you can tell your passengers about it. Uber anyone?
trident stabbing missile, captioned 'Stay Strong'
Free Russia Legion's partisan wing in Russia destroyed signals and stopped train traffic on the Trans-Siberian railway in Krasnoyarsk Krai, deep in Siberia.
Fellas lined up, caption 'There was a time when the world asked ordinary brain-damaged dogs to do extraordinary bonking' North Atlantic Fella Organization and CIA present Band of Bonkers.


coloring book page about basic training
this is wrong on so many levels
Olaf Scholz says that Germany will delay spending 2% on NATO defense until at least 2025
a soldier pets a dog by a mural of a cartoon cat medic petting a dog
Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty. --Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister
coloring book page about mobilized macaques

(This was about a tweet that was up very briefly before being deleted.)

ponies having coffee


Ukrainian Special Services forces do winter training. All of the soldiers' faces are pixellated. A black cat's face is also pixellated.
AI-generated images of Borg fighter jets
Helicopter gunship with anime side art, and a young woman who looks like the anime character is sitting on the main weapons.
cute Goth Latina in white stockings.
Progress bar Victory: Loading... which is 75% complete and in blue and yellow.
NAFO: If you can't make 'em see the light, make 'em feel the heat! (Devil Fella tormenting vatniks.)
HIMARS decorated with Christmas lights and smiling nose art, 'Merry HIMARS'
Ukraine pony curiously examining a butterfly.

There was a threadreader link about a rather horrifying Russian MRE that should probably be preserved for posterity.

Sanna Marin walks away from Russia and toward NATO, Putin protests ineffectually.
Fellas dressed as vatniks say, 'How do you do, fellow Russian? We are from the Ministry of Suspicious Fires. We are here to inspect the facility,' while a large building is on fire.


shit's on fire, yo (Megakhimki shopping center)
These bits of mall are too damn high.

(The Megakhimki Russian shopping center was on fire earlier.) tweet about how Finland and Sweden can help NATO out
B-52 with a fella on it and a bonk stick missile
In Lviv, you turn a corner and come across three military funerals.
Russian oil price is tanking
Smoking is bad, by Boris Groh


Zelenskyy as St. George slays a dragon that looks an awful lot like Putin.
fluffy cat sits on Ukraine soldier backpacks
condensed tweet about backlash towards Russian statements about Kazakhstan, and Arman Shuraev saying that Russia is losing its influence among its neighbors and is rightly viewed as a threat.
General says, 'Alexa, order lunch,' Alexa launches nuclear missiles. The Enunciation Apocalypse.
Morocco providing replacement parts for T-72 tanks for Ukraine.
Philips P. OBrien says that Ukraine is basically tying down and destroying the Russian army, so Pentagon officials saying that ammunition stores are low are barking up the wrong tree.


guy in front of a school emblem, caption 'Sexually perverse photography exhibits involving tennis rackets'

Wait. What?

Ukrainian soldier prepares to throw a drone, gives another meaning to 'Throwing the bomb'
NAFO fella in Ukraine gear with a Javelin
David Fraser has spent the last week sleeping in his 'Free Ukraine' Tesla in front of the Russian embassy in Edinburgh.

The article that has more info about this.

cute women holding watermelon slices
cute woman, sunflower in hair
cute woman in field of sunflowers
5-pony crew relaxes by their tank


Winning the adaptation battle - my longer article at substack which explores the current situation with Ukrainian and Russian efforts to learn, experiment, adapt, and generate advantage in the Russo-Ukraine war.

The link to Ryan's substack article.

Wagner CEO's son standing in front of a building.
Building Wagner CEO's son was standing in front of, now in ruins.

First, we have the Wagner CEO's son standing in front of a building. Then, we have the building in ruins. Ukraine's army saw the first and caused the second.

Tracianne, First of Her Name, Bringer of Snickers, Giver of Booms, and Poster of Kittehs and Doggos.
distracted boyfriend Fark looks at Pizza and Gyros instead of Ukraine war things
coloring book page about badly equipped Russian units.


cake with a severed foot on it, because a Farker beat a foot infection.

(A long-time Farker beat a foot infection, finally.)

Bastet, Egyptian goddess of war and cats.
they also managed to get an exclusive picture of the launch of one of the missiles that killed the Russian flagship.

pravda.com.ua has an article about how the Moskva was really destroyed.

morgue freezer with one door open and one body partially out, captioned 'Russian Advent calendar!'

Text translates to "Russian Advent calendar".

mobilized Russians are falling sick en masse with bronchitis and pneumonia at their training camp in Siberia, where they are living in tents in temperatures of -30 C according to their wives. They are being given no medicines and are having to buy their own.
Instructions to Russians on how to surrender to a Ukraine drone, in the form of a tweet.


what airdefense doing? Shooting down 13 of 13 enemy drones.
coloring book page about mismatched gloves
Russian channel interviewed a man to talk about 'horrors of Ukrainian captivity.' He said they were treated well, rights read, Geneva Convention followed.

Link to the original video.

Ukraine will manufacture shells for older Soviet 152 and 122mm artillery

pravda.com.us link about the shell manufacturing.

putting an MLRS on the back of a pickup? Why not?

twitter link about the home-grown MLRS.

coloring book page about useless men


tweet about fire at large oil refinery in Irkutsk
upside down Russian soldier in snowbank, caption 'Xmas Blyat'
a HIMARS with a Santa hat on it
Washington crossing the Delaware, caption 'America: We will kill you in your sleep on Christmas.'
The cover of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' except all the people and Beatles are replaced by fellas and Zelenskyy
coloring book page about four Russians
Teen Vogue 2006: beauty tips, mean girls, celebrity gossip. Teen Vogue 2019: The legacy of Karl Marx's ideas and how they're relevant to the current political climate.
Please do not stick your head in the pain hole, and a pony doing exactly that.

Coloring books collection.

The ponies collection.

The cute women collection.

This should not be taken as the authoritative archive of Ukraine memes, just a thing I did for my own amusement in my spare time.