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Carol of the HIMARS.


cute woman in form-fitting 'Slava Ukraine' T-shirt
Cry Havoc, and let slip the Fellas of War!
a new and improved Russian Great Seal, with a raccoon, a washing machine, a plunger, and a coffee pot
dark blue Christmas pony


Zelenskyy: I don't need negotiations, I need you to get the fuck out.
Mick Ryan: War is a learning opportunity for military institutions. (Soldiers, a fella, a drone, a HIMARS launch.)

a link to the thread this tweet was about.

proposed breakup of the Russian Empire (Russia broken into 8 smaller states)
We dance, we slaughter orcs, and then we dance some more. Fella: This is the way.
distracted boyfriend Fark looks at 80s arcade games instead of pedantic drone nomenclature.
pony enjoys coffee by a Christmas tree


wartranslated: Murz says Russia is utterly pwn3d and can't defend their position.

nitter.it link to a wartranslated thread about how Russia is failing.

300: Zelenskyy is alive!
Oleg Zubkov, whose greatest life achievement is theft of a raccoon from Kherson zoo, yesterday participated in the kidnapping of a goat from a zoo in Kakhovka, Kherson region.
Spartan ponies are fighting hordes of Pikachu, Pinkie says, 'Ponies!  Tonight, we dine in hell!'
a minimalist Nativity scene captioned 'As the comet approaches two vicious tyrannosaurs fight over a running table saw'


coloring book page about the winter solstice
Putin was not close to the war zone.

A link to the twitter thread where Putin was confirmed to be outside Ukraine.

A link to the twitter thread where Shashank Joshi explores Russian casualties.

Iceland provided Ukraine with 12,000 sets of winter gear.
red squirrel balancing precariously between two sunflowers
Russian recovery vehicle with a stolen washing machine strapped to it, captioned 'It is in their blood.'
Initial tweet was broken, so I fixed it.
Bayeaux Tapestry style iconography, captioned 'Whatte Orcish air defence doing? Itte raineth orcs. Forsooth!'
Santa dragging a large bag with 100,000 on it, captioned 'Russians, this is Vladimir Putin's Christmas present for you.'
coloring book page about missile toe
someone's bonking a stuffed doge with a stuffed bat, caption, 'Go to horny military jail!'
pony dressed as Wednesday Addams
coloring book page about the X-15 plane
meanwhile, in Ukrainian bio-labs, a Shiba Inu performs genetic experiments.
fella toasting someone with wine, saying 'Me watching my tax money vaporize Russian conscripts.'

Not really related to images, but a twitter video link to BOOM!


Victoria Apanasenko will represent Ukraine at the coming Miss Universe pageant
A gire broke out on the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, this is not the first fire incident, in 2019, a fire broke out in which 2 people died and 14 were injured.

A link to the nitter.net thread about this fire.

Tiny dog (Russia) threatens to bite person (NATO)'s ankles, caption 'Stop! I'm not kidding this time! I'll totally mess you up!'
fellas in an advertisement, 'Drink vatnik tears! Instant refreshment!'
Putin chopping wood on the deck of the on fire Admiral Kuznetsov

(Translation: We have more firewood, we will turn the boiler to the full and we will sail to Syria!)

What comrade Admiral Kuznetsov doing?
Standing applause for President Zelenskyy. Can you spot the (sitting down) Republicans who work for Putin?
pony enjoying cocoa out of a Pusheen mug.


Putin: achievemen unlocked: You sent 100,000 of your citizens to their dooms.
coloring book page about the Admiral Kuznetsov being on fire again
why are people smiling at their phones in public? They're looking at the latest Russian casualty lists.
Meanwhile, in Canada, a cute woman plays hockey in a bikini.
An X-Wing pilot from Star Wars with a vatnik shopped onto his head, captioned 'Red 1 standing by.'
What does the leader of a warring country wear? (Zelenskyy in khakis.)  What do people who criticize his clothes wear? (Clown suit.)
Series of tweets saying that Bakhmut is due to internal political maneuvering between Shoigu and Prigozhin instead of actual military objectives.
Winking anime girl with pistol saying, 'Shut The Fuck Up, vatnik.'
movie poster of 'Purple Rain', except it's 'Tungsten Rain', a fella, and a purple HIMARS.
coloring book page about the Killmaster 9000
Santa wants to give gifts to kids, they say, 'We're fine, please make sure Ukrainians have everything they need.'
A P-47 Thunderbolt and a P-38 Lightning, captioned 'Very, very frightening'
coloring book page about the A-10 Warthog
a pony combined with an A-10.


a soldier with a big tabby cat sitting on his vest
raccoons saying 'Slava Ukraine!' and 'Heroem Slava!'
Camouflage net caught 2 Lancet loitering munitions
a taxidermied squirrel head on a steel buttplug? Who thinks of stuff like this?
NAFO: Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie (John McClane as a fella)
Cat (Ukrainians) riding dog (Polish weapons) caption 'And I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the rider's name was death'
distracted boyfriend WW3 Thread looks at Alive Tintar instead of Alive Zelenskyy
Ukrainian woman ready to throw pickle jar at drones


coloring book page about Christmas
Ork Ribs: Good source of protein!
A figure kicking Russia out of Ukraine
coloring book page about Zelenskyy
coloring book page about Ablecorp.


I would be like 'What am I reading?' if I'd been told about all the weird shit happening in Ukraine right now in Jan 2022.
Fella T-72 puffs! Naturally and artificially flavored decapitated turrets! Bonks for breakfast!
Crews of T-14 Armata have already passed combat tracking and will soon go to war. Sure, Jan.
Russian strippers say that mobilization has had an unexpected benefit for them--Moscow's 'inadequate' men have been sent to war, leaving them with a smaller but better-behaved clientele.

Threadreader link to more about this.

Donetsk gives signals: A car with a Z was set on fire in the city.
coloring book page about taking acid and doing something with Sanna Marin
4 out of 5 fellas prefer Defenestrol over other Vatnik Depression solutions such as HIMARS!
pony asking Rarity if she's sure this bunny costume is for New Year's
coloring book page about McButt the cat
fella as Shiva the Destroyer of Nonsense saying 'Now I become BONKS'


Cat: I am indifferent to your suffering.
Michael Weiss tweets about a Russian report of a Ukrainian drone attack.
Baghdad Bob says, 'Sergey, don't become a meme. It doesn't pay, I know from experience.'
Russia keeps making empty threats.
Russia is having trouble with bank runs and empty ATMs.

nitter.net link to the wartranslated thread about bank runs and empty ATMs in Russia.

distracted boyfriend Fark looks at fasahd's drinking problem instead of Ukraine.

(A Farker is apparently going cold turkey, and this was the first side thread.)

Zelenskyy quotes the 1982 'Conan the Barbarian' film
coloring book page about Waffen-Wurst
distracted boyfriend Most Farkers looks at Sanna Marin instead of Russian T-14

(Sanna Marin was, naturally, the second side thread.)

coloring book page about The Count counting the number of orcs killed so far.
NAFO are a synarchical gladio network of Satanists out to make the West into a New Babylon style whoredom a la the Ukroid military heads IG message girls system.

(What is this, I don't even....)


A Ukrainian soldier plays checkers with Molotov cocktails as the pieces.
1990 image showing West Germany swallowing East Germany.
tweet where Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann criticizes Scholz for refusing to give Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

nitter.it link to the thread where she criticizes Scholz.

Another variant of the 'Vatnik Bingo' card
distracted boyfriend Farkers looks at Elephant Balls instead of War in Ukraine.

(Testicles, specifically elephant testicles, became a sub-thread. No, I don't know why.)

coloring book page about the Kinzhal hypersonic missile.
purple pony with a mug of wine.
Russian soldier tweeting about how Russia is running out of shells, 80% of the mobilized soldiers can't perform, and there are no competent officers.
Natural gas in Europe is now cheaper than at the beginning of the war. Master strategy, Russia.


Having negotiated w/Russian military and defense ministry I learned lessons: Even in small things, RU officials don't negotiate... they demand, then they lie, then they renege on agreements.

This tweet with additional comments.

You have to kill without giving a damn. And I don't give a damn.  Ukraine's women snipers take the fight to Putin.  If a woman sniper is captured, she will be raped, humiliated, tortured--and then executed.
Yuri Gagarin didn't drink, didn't smoke, and trained all his life in order to spend 108 minutes outside the Soviet Union.
Friedrich Merz, head of opposition Christian Democratic Union:  Germany should supply Ukraine with Western-made battle tanks and thereby demonstrate leadership skills at the European level.  Finland... Germany... who is next to pressure?
cute Cubans in bikinis
cute Goth-adjacent woman with wine
Russian tanker ramming the gun right into a tree.

nitter.it link to the video of this self-ownage.

coloring book page about how Comic Sans has a porpoise.
coloring book page about a new meaning for 'bullet train'
Two ponies who are also jet and propeller fighter aircraft.


distracted boyfriend Fark looks at 690 Russian soldier casualties instead of 69 other casualties.
Ukrainian losses of washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, televisions, toilets, goats, llamas, and racoons.
Rob Lee: I actually think the upgrade of Bradleys over BMP-1 might be greater than Abrams over existing Ukrainian tanks.

nitter.net link to the thread about Bradleys.

It has been FAR TOO LONG since we've had a McButt update!
They say all fairy tales end with a wedding, and all video clips end with HIMARS firing. For the first time on screen: LRU/M270A1 after sending the ruscists some hellish gifts.

nitter.it link about the M270 launching rockets at the Russians.

So you're telling me... NAFO funded the world's first naval drone fleet with ... memes?
The German-supplied IRIS-T air defense system has shown stunning effectiveness. According to Vitaly Klitschko, the efficiency indicators of IRIS-T, which is on duty in the Kyiv region, are '100 shots - 100 hits.'
white pony riding on bomb


Anna Titova made a calendar.
Just heard 2 explosione near my home while cooking for today's New Year's Eve. Several explosions also reported in Kyiv and other cities. Thank you for a festive mood, Russia.
Putin wishes on a shooting star, which turns out to be a HIMARS rocket.
McButt, caption 'If video games have taught me anything, this chubby cat has a side quest to offer me.
Russia aims sniper rifle at Ukraine, Ukraine fires back, blood covers Russia's scope similar to the James Bond movie opening sequence.
distracted boyfriend Russia looks at 1922 instead of 2023.
cute woman in field of sunflowers.
Ponies celebrate New Years, one is falling asleep.
coloring book page about teabagging.
coloring book page about the Rabbit of Caerbannog.
tweet about how Putin's latest missile blitz almost managed to cut off hot water in parts of Ukraine.

Coloring books collection.

The ponies collection.

The cute women collection.

This should not be taken as the authoritative archive of Ukraine memes, just a thing I did for my own amusement in my spare time.