At the Mountains of Madness

H.P. Lovecraft, 1943, Horror

This collection has a few of Lovecraft's more interesting horror stories in it. The title novella explores what happens when college students and professors explore Antarctica and find a bunch of Elder Things and the gigantic polypous, rugose, squamous horrors that they created to serve them. And there are also giant albino penguins. It's interesting in that the characters manage to figure out a lot about the Elder Things from the carvings and architecture they left behind, even though the characters are not trained archaeologists. I don't think this reflects reality, but this is a horror story, after all.

"The Shunned House" is one of those rare Lovecraft stories where a horrible evil is brought to bay and defeated. Monster hunters take note: When facing terrible graveyard boogeymen, show up at noon, with a truckload of sulfuric acid.